Simple, Flexible and Honest Online Ordering!

Putting you back in control .. Affordable prices, no contract, no start up fee, no hidden costs ... it works or you don't pay a penny and that’s 100% guaranteed! Nothing to loose and so much to gain, come join other restaurants and takeaways that are re-gaining control of their business online and saving £000's a year in the process.

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The YA Takeaway platform has all the features you need to manage your customers effectively and get those all important repeat orders. We work closely with our community of restaurants to enhance and continually improve these features and we're not done yet! We listen to your feedback and will rapidly respond and role out any new features you need to get your business flying, which everybody in the community will then benefits from!


Things happen.. your delivery driver hasn't turned up, you're stuck in traffic, or perhaps you want to introduce a special dish for the week. From your mobile phone, you can change your opening hours/update your menu/sms your customers a promotion.. you're in complete control


All our sites are super fast to load and effortless to navigate. They are web optimised to work on all devices, giving you App-like functionality whatever the device. This means less clicks for your customer to place an order, leading to more repeat orders for you!


No Contract! We don't tie you in, we want you to work with us because it works for you. Want to leave us? Sure, we'll be sad but we won't stop you. To our knowledge, no one else is cheaper.. We grow by making you want to stay rather than making it hard for you to leave


With the boom of the takeaway industry, now more than ever you need to keep your customers informed and up to date with the great things you’re doing. We provide an easy-to-use branded sms and email console for all your updates

Financial Control

We give you different payment backend options and you will be guided through the setup with one of our experts, to find the best option for you. The best bit is the money goes straight to you; your bank, not ours!


Precise and flexible: You decide how often they run, which discounts to benefit your customers and when, e.g. for 2 hours on a Tuesday or to celebrate a bank holiday. Also through the use of Up-Sells you can increase the total value of a customers order.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your success. See real time information on sales, promotions uptake and customer base growth. Plus you can generate reports at the click of a button.

Social Media

We offer free support and advise on how to use these channels to their maximum and how to increase your online followers - Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor & Google+, helping you to open up additional marketing streams at no extra cost


We are passionate, don't like I.T? Let us worry about that ... Technology is not your thing? Don't worry.... We won't be beaten, we're here every step of the way, 24/7


We aim to be fair and simple in all aspects of our offering, everyone gets the same! Product or App; what you get, you get forever

Your Ordering Website

Accessible at your domain. You are not put on a comparison website, making it easier for you to retain your own customers. Already have a website? Okay, we can integrate directly into it

In House Mobile App

Accept your orders in house and print on a receipt straight to your kitchen. Prefer larger printers? We support that too. Don't want it taking up counter space? Just run it from your mobile

Community Benifits

We go with a hybrid model. On one hand, your website is your own and independent of others. On the other, you are part of the community; each site improvement is shared so all can benefit. All updates are instant, so you don't take a performance hit.


Fanatical Support

Your success is our success, so you get a support team that will be there to answer questions & help whenever you need them, they will also bring you new ideas to boost sales and turnover


As the orders flood in you get to know your customers inside and out: where they live, what they like and when they order. All this allows you to cater to their needs and market to them specifically, building stronger relationships

Your Own Customer Database

We give you a 24/7 accessible customer database, which grows with every order- Already have your own? We can import that too. We even make it easy for you to download. And hey, if you ever want to leave, you can take it with you.

Our Pricing.

We pride ourselves with the transparency, simplicity and fairness of our pricing ... You will only ever pay for the service if it works for you! (All prices exclude VAT)

Seed Plan


  • While your starting up with us
  • Everyone starts here!
  • You get our full feature set.
  • One of our experts will help you get started
  • You can be online taking orders within 1 hour!
  • Security from the start own SSL certificates

Sapling Plan

£25 P/M

  • Been with us a few months the season's changed
  • Things are ticking over nicely
  • You starting feeling the benefits
  • You're consistently hitting your monthly turnover targets
  • Still you get everything but now a small contribution is required

Tree Plan

£50 P/M

  • Now you're REALLY feeling the benefits
  • Your sales have more than doubled since your first contribution.
  • Your SMS limits increases significantly

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